Feb 27

39 years carrying The Cross around the World!

39 years carrying the Cross!


This picture was taken in Florida February 11 as I crossed the milestone marker of 39 years of sharing Jesus on the roadsides of the world.


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  1. Jim and Shirley Cashion

    Rick and Doreen….on behalf of the Seekers LifeGroup at First Baptist, Orlando, Florida, thanks for taking time to come our way. May our Lord give you wisdom as you minister. Jim and Shirley Cashion, Teachers

  2. Don Scammell

    Hey Brother!

    Congrats on the 39 years of victory with the cross. I heard Jim’s cross that he made needs a couple tweaks. Pray that this finds you well as well as your wife. Jim tells me she’s been under the weather. Be blessed.

  3. toni ortega

    i met Rick and her wife in Castelldefels (Barcelona) the 9th april 2014 when i was coming back home. It was a pleasure meeting them together spreading jesus message all around the world!

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