Jul 24

Alaska! the final state

alaska1It has been a joy for Doreen and I to be able to carry the Cross here in Alaska. For me it means having been in all 50 States. So many have pulled over, or chased me down to talk about the Cross and its message of hope. We have had people weep in our arms over the site of the cross being carried openly along the roadside’s here. One man with tears, begging the Lord for help to overcome hurts and habits that have held him so long. And another man that we fellowshipped with into the night till 3 in the morning, he was hungry for God’s word and encouragement.

Doreen served at the soup kitchen in downtown Anchorage, volunteering and ministering to the homeless people there. All because of a contact we made on the side of the road. She says she’s having a blast. But, That’s what you get when you serve Jesus, He promised life and life more abundant!! Also we want to ask you for prayer as Doreen and I have some decisions we need to make within the next week. God bless you all, keep looking up Jesus is coming.

Carrying the Cross through Anchorage yesterday was truly amazing. I prayed and shared with several people struggling with the darkness, depression and addictions that are so prevalent here. One middle aged man chased me down on his bicycle when he saw the Cross and with tears shared his story of addictions and his broken heart over the loss of his relationship with the Lord that he remembered form his youth. He so desperately wants that again. The addictions and demons that now control his life have driven him to such despair. We prayed together and form his broken heart he cried out to Jesus to be “Free” again. When we parted he once again had the light of hope in his eyes. Please keep praying for us out here. We are making a difference¬† in lives. You read this and your prayers are our supply line. We are truly in the trenches here in Alaska. Without you holding the rope… it would be so much harder for those we are touching to hear.



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