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Oct 06

Helping the Kwaio People

Ooo as I climbed out of bed my second day on the mountain, EVERY muscle in my body screamed with disapproval, but the Joy and excitement of the day ahead of me drove me forward! First thing, I was able to speak to all the students assembled out side of my hut, all 72 of …

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Sep 19

Down the mountain!

Hey everyone I’m back down the mountain. Safe, sound and sore. The most incredible week of my life. I Will write it up over the next few days. Thanks for being there in prayer for us.  Wait till you hear the stories.

Sep 13

Gethsemane church!

We had “church” today!! They welcomed us with fresh flower leis and a welcome line!! Oh my, I’m gushing and overjoyed with the love of His people!!! Oh, and yes I sang!!!

Sep 02

What a Day!

I preached easily 15 times. Many prayed to receive Jesus into their heart. No way to describe a day here in the Solomon Islands. Just the Glory of the coming of the Lord.  GLORY TO GOD!!!!! Beyond Description!!

Aug 29

Honiara Guadalcanal Solomon Islands

Honiara Guadalcanal Solomon Islands

Aug 28

One day in Honiara

This day was off the charts,  as a day of ministry. Many received Christ. We had one lady that chased us down 1/4 mile for prayer. Many would come out of shops and I would preach. it was Amazing. I preached probably 12 different times. We prayed for healings and so many other things. Doreen …

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Aug 26

The Cross in the Solomon Islands

What an amazing first day with the Cross in the Solomon Islands. Beautiful people, open hearts, very receptive. I preached twice in the place pictured below. First time to about 25 men plus women and kids. Nine of the men prayed with us to receive Christ. One young man about 28 asked for a bible. …

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Jul 24

Alaska! the final state

It has been a joy for Doreen and I to be able to carry the Cross here in Alaska. For me it means having been in all 50 States. So many have pulled over, or chased me down to talk about the Cross and its message of hope. We have had people weep in our …

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Jun 01

The Rope – Newton update

Friends Greetings in Jesus wonderful Name! Hey guys,  we are just jumping in to say hi. Also we wanted to update you a little bit of what’s going on with us. We have some Prayer needs and decisions now that we could use your help lifting us up as we make them. That being said …

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Nov 10

The Hebride Islands in Scotland

Praise The Lord!!!! We are now back in the Hebrides.The Islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. They were the site of a Great Revival back in the 1940’s and 50’s. That revival, swept across these islands changing the lives, deeply, of thousands that lived here. Doreen and I were here for 5 days this …

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