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Jan 16


Warmest greetings our dear friends, in Jesus’ wonderful name. We thank our God upon every remembrance of you and rejoice that we have been able to work together again this year for the furtherance of the Gospel. Though I have been sick for much of the year, we are still celebrating in all that the …

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Jul 13

Plymouth Rock – end of the trail!

Plymouth Rock  dated 1620 Where the Pilgrims landed in the New World…. The ending place of my Massachusetts Pilgrimage  of Prayer for Revival !!!! Doreen and Dianne aka. ~ HiS ~  Sing at The Rally at The Rock Amazing Prayer Partner at The Rock

Jul 03

Prayer at Plymouth Rock

ONE PILGRIMAGE ENDS WHERE ANOTHER ONE ENDED, IN 1620′ or should I say where another one began, which led to the birth of this Christian Nation!!! As this 175 mile walk across Massachusetts came to an end, we dropped to our knees to give thanks to God for all He has done in this walk, …

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Jun 27

3 O’Clock Rally at the Rock – Sunday

You are invited to~ Plymouth Rock Massachusetts Sunday June 30, 3 pm – “Rally at the Rock” Celebrating the last day of my Revival Trail walk across Massachusetts which began on May 20th in Williamstown at the Haystack Monument praying for Massachusetts and the nation to return to our Christian roots and for an outpouring …

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Jun 24

Prayer at The Boston Bombing Site

As I stopped to pray at this site you could feel the awe, Compassion and the respect that people have for those injured due to man’s inhumanity to man. I pray for healing In the bodies, and in the hearts of those involved! Also for forgiveness,  cleansing and Revival once again in our nation.

Jun 24

Lexington Green

This is the Lexington Green where the first blood was shed in the battle for the war of Independence. Just again a reminder that without the shedding of blood there is never freedom Jesus shed his blood to give us freedom from sin to show the greatness of his love the intensity of his desire …

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Jun 24

Old Northbridge Concorde Massachusetts

Old Northbridge Concorde Massachusetts where, “The shot was fired that was heard around the world”. Two pastors were engaged in that battle that day ( April 19, 1775), fighting for freedom and liberty! Their love for this country and for the Lord shone through in the stand They and the others made here!  Let us …

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Jun 12

Jonathan Edwards Church

THE CROSS In Front of Jonathan Edwards Church Friends & Supporters of the Cross at a Fellowship Night Prayer together for Revival at David Brainard’s gravesite Northampton Mass.

Jun 06

David Brainard grave

What an amazing blessing. I am here at the grave site of David Brainard missionary to the Indians of the 1730s in Northampton Massachusetts Jonathan Edwards daughter Jerusha is buried right beside him. Oh that we all might have The fire in our hearts that David had and the commitment that he had, this is …

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May 23

Can Revival Come Again to America ?

There is no question it needs it!! As I carry the Cross through out America, I have talked and prayed with so many that have pulled over with tears in their eyes over the condition of some friend or relative drowning in some hurt or addiction. Mothers and Fathers watching their children and young adults …

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