Jul 17

Farewell to Cebu Island Philippines

Farewell Cebu, Thank You Jesus !!!

Farewell to Cebu Island!!!  As we boarded the ship, we hated to see this day come!!  Doreen and I knew we were leaving much of our hearts, some wonderful friends,  some new believers and 25000 gospel tracts and Jesus stickers,  on that island.!! As the ship left the harbor, we could do nothing but watch the islands fade out of sight and rejoice for what Jesus had done and also,  for the privilege, that He had allowed us to experience it all. Our hearts were bursting with Love,  Joy, Sorrow all at the same time as we thought back over each encounter there….  While we watched the sun set, we thought of the friends, the faces, the tears we shed. Doreen and I stood there on the deck and held each other and just smiled in silence, as the island faded into the darkness… Then, just as I reminded her of  the Rainbow we saw as we sailed into Cebu 30 days ago and the promise of  Gods blessings we had felt, a fireworks display on shore started. We felt it was as though God was celebrating with us for our time there…. We will never be the same… Now we must look to the next island and what the Lord wants to do there…. And we can’t wait!!

Pieces of our hearts are left behind

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