Yea, So I have strived to preach the Gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man’s Foundation.  Rom.15:20
Rick’s life verse

Rick Newton on the roadTHE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST has radically changed more lives over the last two millenniums than all of the education, philosophy and politics combined!!! RICK and Doreen NEWTON are two of the countless millions who through the centuries have had their lives radically altered through their encounter with Jesus Christ. Committed to the belief that the Cross is God’s lighthouse to the ‘lost’ in this world, They have dedicated their lives to bringing that light to wherever God leads. As Rick and Doreen carry the Cross around the world,  they have sought opportunities to throw the same “rope of hope” that they have found in Jesus Christ, to the countless billions in this world, who have sunk in the mire of sin, through drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, guilt, fear, rejection,anger, false concepts of success and even the false security of Religion.

Rick first shouldered the Cross at the infamous “House of the Rising Sun” in New Orleans during Mardi Gras 1975. Since then, he has carried it and its’ message of hope across the United States, into Canada, Central America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific. He has walked into coupes in Fiji and the Soviet Union and ministered to the Troops in the first Gulf War. Through the years he has been arrested in Egypt, shot at in Jerusalem and had a 30 cal. rifle stuck in his face in El Salvador. But, he has also been welcomed to Parliament in New Zealand, been the personal guest of the Consulate General in Honduras and was invited to pass out Bibles to the government leaders inside the Kremlin in Moscow. While in Russia, Rick bought and gave away a total of 75,000 Bibles . . . He has been rained on, hailed on, blistered by the scorching sun in the Sinai Desert and almost froze sleeping along side the road in the mountains of Maine.

Carrying the Cross is Rick’s passion! The greatest thrill of his life is leading someone to Christ, which he has done through many creative ministries. He has started coffee house ministries across the world and preached in about every place imaginable, from the stage at rock concerts to houses of prostitution, high schools, colleges, nursing homes, street corners, small churches, and in great cathedrals. His heart is for people, no crowd is too small and none to great. He is at home witnessing one on one along the roadsides of the world or to thousands in a city-wide crusade. He has been a Chaplain for the Grand County Sheriff’s Dept. in Colorado and one of the first ministers on the scene at the Columbine School shooting in Denver in April 1999.  Rick was raised in Miami, Florida, thrown out of his home in his mid-teens, and grew up among all of the hatred and violence of the late 60’s. He spent the first twenty years of his life not believing in God. Both of his parents died alcoholics while he was yet a teenager. But, through an out reach of the Gideons and the ministry of Jack Taylor, on June 10th, 1972, he committed his life to Jesus Christ.

Doreen, grew up on a farm in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. Her mother’s love for The Lord (although having died when Doreen was only 8) left a deep desire in her heart, that (in later years)brought her to “want to know” the God her mother loved so dearly.

For many years Doreen sang with what became a very successful country band, opening for acts like Sawyer Brown,  Asleep at the Wheel, Vince Gill, The Bellomy Brothers, Deana Carter, Brian White and others. But that did not fill the void in her heart. In fact it was a road that led farther from the God and the Peace her mother showed so clearly. So on her knees one night she cried out to the Lord Jesus Christ and surrendered her life and voice to Him!!  She now uses her Gift of Music wherever they go. Her website is HISongs.com

Rick and Doreen are for real, the genuine product of God’s Love and Salvation. They are motivated by their love for The Lord and for People! Heeding Jesus’ call for all Christians to be “fishers of men.” They further believe that if one is going fishing, he must go where the fish are, in the fast-flowing streams and muddy pools of life. Which has taken them into prisons and places that others would not go… When William Carey was preparing for the mission field he told his friends, “I am willing to go into the pit if you will hold the rope.” The same is true with Rick and Doreen Newton. They need God’s people helping to hold the rope for them. You can take an active part in holding that “Rope” through your prayers as they carry the Cross to the Glory of God on the “Front Lines” of this world. Also, if you would like to support this Ministry, you may do so through Paypal online or  by sending your checks or money orders to: Rick Newton Evangelistic Ministries P.O. Box 2 Lanesboro Ma. 01237. To contact him personally, call: (865) 368-2192