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O’ the Joys of the Summer of 2012

For those of you that follow this Blog, I am going to give you just a brief overview of the many encounters and opportunities that The Lord Jesus opened to me as I carried the Cross through the Summer of 2012. Then I will come back and share some of the messages He gave me.
Right now, last Summer seems so long ago. So much has happened since then. But the warmth and gentle breezes, smiles and good times still encourage me, now, in the cold of Winter. It also reminds me that the cold of Winter will also pass!!
I do love the changing seasons. I have experienced them all, on the roadsides of the world; and their extremes. I have carried the Cross in the 116* F / 47* C + heat of the Sini desert in the Summer of 1990 and the -20*F / -29C Winter chills in Russia… Most of everything though, is somewhere in between.


Last Summer was no exception. I carried the Cross in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New England and the Adirondacks of upstate New York. I Talked and shared with many along side the roads there. I also did 2, hour long, TV talk shows. One in Massachusetts in June the other One happened at the Word of Life camp at Schroone Lake NY, As I walked through that area, I made camp in my van. A man who had a TV talk show in Connecticut was there with his family on vacation. When he heard that I was there he came to my Van to meet me. After visiting awhile, he said he would like to interview me on his show. He said ” I think I have enough equipment with me to do it.” So we made a nice makeshift TV set. Then We set up the cameras, his son ran them and we did the Show, on “The Heart of Missions and sharing Jesus” It was great!!

Adirondack Mountains NY

The Adirondack Mountains are beautiful. I walked up and up and up then, down and down, around curves, past many lakes and streams. Where I took a number of baths at the end of each day.
Each day I would have many curious tourists pull over when they saw the Cross and talk. I would pray with them, in some cases, hug their necks, then shoulder the Cross and head on. One person I met, had met me with the Cross, years ago in Florida. But many I know I won’t see again till Heaven. But we have prayed, rejoiced together, loved one another, because of the common bond in Christ, hugged then headed on with joy.
One day, while walking down the road I passed a sign that kind of sums up the feelings, of where, many people are in their life that stop and talk to me on the side of the road… It said “WITTS END CORNER”. Maybe some of you reading this feel like that is your address. You’re at your WITTS END. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired! You are tired of the Guilts, the Fears, the Uncontrolable Angers and Habits, the fears of being discovered, found out! You may be a Pastor or a Peddler, a Deacon or Dock worker, a Captain or a Con-artist, Model or Mom. But your tired of where you are. You question, can I find real freedom??…. Or is that just talk?? .. Is there real victory in this Life??… And can i live it… Or even find it… Well, I am here to tell you YOU CAN HAVE A LIFE OF JOY !! You Can… But it is only found in the person of Jesus Christ, he is Life at its source. He declared “Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest…” It starts with honesty on our part. When your tired of seeing the distruction in your life, the fear in your families eyes, guilt in your own heart. You must cry out and repent, ( change your mind) instead of living for yourself live Gods way. Admit you can not change without His help. Jesus knows that. Be honest, give your life over to Him… Open your heart right now to Him invite him in to your life. He is waiting!! And Ready! You can read more on how to, on my “Receive Jesus” page on this website. It’s located to the far right of the Home page button at the top of this page. Opening my life to Jesus is what changed me as a young man of 20 years old. I was full of anger and Very empty I didn’t even believe there was a God. That’s when I found out I was living at WITTS END CORNER and I cried out to Jesus and He CHANGED ME !!! And I have No regrets. Join me. Let Him make the greatest difference in your life today.

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