Oct 13

Setting the Captives Free!!

His Harvest Night Coffee House Out Reach FBC Flattwoods Ky

Doreen sings with Inmates

Baptising in Jail

The Glorycomes Down

Here is water what doth hinder to Baptise

What a beautiful time we had in the Boyd County jail last week, as Doreen and I gathered with about 30 of the women inmates to celebrated a Baptism service. We saw the Glory of God come down. We sang, preached, shared testimonies as the guards and inmates together rejoiced in the Lord. With the permission of the ladies we have posted some of the pictures. Please, we need your help to continue to reach these and others who are falling through the cracks of society. Jesus still LOVES these people. Many are very repentant and just seeking direction. But the Lord says Who will go for me? I was in prison and you visited me Not. Matthew 25:44.  I surrendered to that call years ago when God called me into the ministry with the verse in Romans 15: 20 which says “Yea so I have shrived to preach the Gospel, not where Christ is named, lest I build upon another mans foundation.” I go where others don’t. I’m fine with that. I encourage you to go. If you can’t; then help send me. Your gifts would be gratefully received at this time and go for reaching the lost. I am putting in an order again for more tracts and gospel materials, that will cost $1500. Doreen and I will be leaving soon for Chile, and the Philippines to carry the Cross. That will cost a ton. But if everyone who reads this will do something we will reach many with the Good News of Jesus’ Love. Remember You give that others will live Eternally. Don’t shrug it off, let’s be a team…

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  1. Dane Gibeau

    I got your rope, GOD bless you bother!

  2. Angela Bennett

    Love and Prayers! Praise the Lord!

  3. Elizabeth

    Our area really needs more of this type of service!! What an impact! Thank you!

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