Aug 26

The Cross in the Solomon Islands

What an amazing first day with the Cross in the Solomon Islands. Beautiful people, open hearts, very receptive. I preached twice in the place pictured below. First time to about 25 men plus women and kids. Nine of the men prayed with us to receive Christ. One young man about 28 asked for a bible. They are scares here and cost about $20. But We will find him one. The men want me to come back and “teach” again. So we will gather at noon on Friday under the same tree. Doreen wasn’t able to get a picture that time. Then school got out and all these kids and parents gathered. So we shared again.

FullSizeRender IMG_1715 IMG_1716

We talked with hundreds of people yesterday and gave out almost a thousand Jesus stickers and tracts. Pray God multiply our supply of them. We prayed with many others for healing and other needs.

Thanks for praying
Rick and Doreen

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