Apr 16

Tiofila finds Jesus

  Over the next few days, we saw God do some amazing things. We first carried the cross south towards town passing out tracts and stickers along the way, sharing with many and answering questions about the Cross and why we were there. It was “very hot!” (init gaayu) Though Dalaguete is a very remote part of Cebu, the simplicity of life and the beauty of the island is an attraction all on its own.  The Filipino lifestyle here is one that’s focused mostly on people, not things. It’s a daily struggle for the basic necessities of life, water, food and some clothing. They tend the chickens, tether the goat, walk the cow and gather wood to cook with. The children are happy, smiling and playing when they are not helping with chores. In remote areas such as Delaguette, there are few who speak English as opposed to the cities where it is the second language. Having Joel and Laarney interpret for us was priceless. 
  As we walked Southward along the main coastal road, we took in the beauty, though never escaping the constant 100+ heat and humidity. After a couple of miles, we decided to take a break in the shade where the fresh water springs meet the ocean. Joel informed us that this is where the local Christian churches have there baptisms. After we cooled down a little bit we headed on and soon came across a bus shed where 3 men were sitting also trying to escape the heat of the day. We had a wonderful time of sharing the Lord with them, prayed with them and moved on. On our way back, we saw an elderly lady (80+) sitting in the doorway of her little house. Joel gave her a tract and she asked what we were doing. We shared how the Lord loved her and that we were carrying the cross as a reminder of God’s love. Joel asked if she knew Jesus in her heart and  told her how she could. She said that she would like that so we all prayed with her as she invited Jesus into her heart. Doreen wept as she thought about Tiofila’s 11th hour conversion!! She also asked for prayer for her knee as she struggled with walking. After praying for her knee, she reached up and kissed each one of us as she cradled each of our faces in here hands, looked us in the eye and said thank you for coming to her village! (remember, you all who give, because of Jesus and your gift, we were able to meet and pray with Tiofila!) Thank you!

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