Feb 19

1st Sunday in Philippines

“Unity of Spirit”- one of the things that I have loved in all the years of carrying the cross around the world, is the immediate unity in the spirit with a brother or sister in Christ though they are a total stranger! Doreen and I truly experienced that Sunday, Feb. 19, once again when we discovered the fellowship of believers’ meeting in the hotel we are staying in! That immediate sense of family commonness of call and purpose that we all share the world over. Whether we speak a word in common or not, all stems from the fact that we share the same heavenly father. That to me is a miracle that is undeniable!

I know I will never forget the beauty of all of us kneeling beside the cross as we committed this new pilgrimage in a new country to the lord. Excitement, anticipation, love and the power of the holy spirit, all converged in that one moment of time as we knelt down beside the cross, prayed together and dedicated it to the Lord and it’s testimony of hope to the nation of the Philippines!

Pastor Jonathan, from the “the Lords disciples,” a church group that has just recently started meeting here at the “Kabayan Hotel,” laid hands on us and commissioned us to go out and preach the gospel in his dear country!

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