May 09

The Cross Welcomed in Nanakinnimi


Click to see movie The welcome the Lord had for us as I arrived with the Cross in the village of Nanakinnimi was Amazing!!! God IS Good!! As The Gospel goes out into all the World!  

Jan 28

Doreen’s shares her Heart on Missions

Treating a Kwaio woman's foot

    The mission field… Is there ANYTHING more beautiful than seeing spiritual eyes open for the very first time?!! The scales drop away and the light of the glorious gospel enters in!!! I truly (and of course, speak for Rick as well), can’t think of anything that compares!! Yes, there are many hardships and …

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Oct 30

Down Kwaio Mountain


The morning after the pig roast, I was up and ready to start the Long trek down the Mountain by 6:00 AM. Since so many had gathered outside my hut to say bye and ask prayer for different things, we were much later getting away. (Roberts dad was among them. See earlier post) One family …

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Oct 19



  As the darkness was gathering over Kwaio Mountain, the locals made their way from their thatched roof huts for the Pig Roast and the nights ceremonies. From the door of my hut I watched in stunned silence as a whole village came out to honor the Cross and the white man that had made …

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Oct 18

Kwaio village Pig Roast


  Later, the same day that I spoke in the school and doctored the dear ladies foot from the pagan village, I saw one of the villagers carrying a big pig over his shoulder. I found out then that it was for the pig roast they were going to have in honor of the Cross …

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Oct 06

Later in the Day


In the afternoon of the same day I spoke in the school (in my last write up), this dear lady came over from the “pagan” village, (about a 45 minute hike over the next ridge), to meet the white man that had come up the mountain with a huge cross. Since they still run naked …

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Oct 06

Helping the Kwaio People


Ooo as I climbed out of bed my second day on the mountain, EVERY muscle in my body screamed with disapproval, but the Joy and excitement of the day ahead of me drove me forward! First thing, I was able to speak to all the students assembled out side of my hut, all 72 of …

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Sep 19

Down the mountain!


Hey everyone I’m back down the mountain. Safe, sound and sore. The most incredible week of my life. I Will write it up over the next few days. Thanks for being there in prayer for us.  Wait till you hear the stories.

Sep 13

Gethsemane church!


We had “church” today!! They welcomed us with fresh flower leis and a welcome line!! Oh my, I’m gushing and overjoyed with the love of His people!!! Oh, and yes I sang!!!

Sep 10

Preaching in Honiara

Young blond man reading the Bible with bright green background

  Deliverance right out of the enemy’s grip! Wow, front-line evangelism at its best – Thank you Jesus! Today, as Doreen and I were out with the Cross, I was preaching to a crowd of maybe 15-20 men. We noticed a younger crowd in their 20’s standing back with disturbed and questioning looks on their …

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