39 years carrying The Cross around the World!

39 years carrying the Cross!


This picture was taken in Florida February 11 as I crossed the milestone marker of 39 years of sharing Jesus on the roadsides of the world.



The Cross Brings Hope !

Cross on the side of the Road

Cross on the side of the Road

I was carrying the Cross one day here in Colorado and had just sat down on a guardrail to take a short break. When this young soldier dressed in Camo about 24 yrs old pulled over, jumped out of his car and as he came back toward me. I got up to greet him and introduce myself. He said “I drove past you a little while ago on my way home. In fact I was almost home, but the sight of that Cross, as he pointed to where it was leaning… I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. So I had to turn around and come back and talk to you.” So we sat back down on the guardrail and talked. He knew Jesus in his heart, he was sure of that. But, the reason he stopped he said; he is deploying to Afghanistan in a few days and seeing the Cross “brings me Hope!” Of course he has all the concerns of any soldier deploying overseas in harms way… The family he leaves behind, the things he will see and do and his friends and comrades going with him. You could see this young man was growing up fast. We talked for quite a while, then I said “Son I am very proud of you. Can I pray for you?”  He said “Please do”.  So, I put my arm around him and prayed for him. Oh, I loved that young man! His courage. His faith. Blessed me so… I felt the Lord say to me, he will be alright, in fact he will be a great encouragement to his fellow soldiers.  So I spoke that into his life and I told him what I felt The Lord say. Then, in that straight forward military way he said “Sir, thank you for being out here and for praying with me.” I looked deep into his clear sharp eyes as I shook his hand and said” God Bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and keep you may He give His angels charge and watch over you.”  With that, he headed to his car and was off…   I sat back down and smiled and thanked God for those of you who pray for me and help me financially to keep the Cross out here on the roadsides of the world. Just for people like that young soldier…

Right after that I got up shouldered the Cross and started on. Not 300 meters down the road another car pulled over. It was a news reporter with TV’s  FOX 21 News. He said “Do you have a few minutes to talk?”     “Yes” I said.  He then told me “People are calling in all over the place saying there is a guy out here carrying a huge Cross…  We want to do a story and find out what your doing!”  I started to tell him.  He said “Just a minute let me get my camera”  Kurt got his camera out of the car and all setup. Then the interview went basically like this. Kurt said  ”Tell us what you’re doing out here with this huge Cross.”  That was it.  With that he let me talk. I shared the Gospel message and the importance of the Cross and how and why Jesus died on it the for us. Because, ” The wages of sin is death” and Jesus died in our place, and in all its forms for us. I shared how I had spent the first 20 years of my life not believing in God and all the anger and emptiness that was there and how through Jesus’ death on the Cross and faith in that, He changed my life. And now I am carrying the Cross around the world sharing with others that if your life is empty and needs a change He will come into your life, no matter what you have done, forgive and change you and any ones.. I shared some stories of bikers and others who have had their lives change through an encounter with the Cross. Kurt just kept saying “This is amazing, This is amazing!!!” and he just let me share… He filmed me walking, people honking and waving. When the story aired they had edited very little of it… it was Great! I had the privilege through that interview, to share the gospel with the whole region….   Before Kurt left he said “I think this is my favorite story I have ever done!”

Now let me ask you to do something right here, Pray for me and the message of the Cross as it goes forth… If you’re a believer don’t just read the stories and move on saying in your heart that’s nice. Pray for me! Right now…. Then Hit the Donate button,  through Paypal or send a check to my address listed on the contact page. This way you can help keep the Cross on the roadsides of the world. Give $5, $10,  $100  whatever you feel led of The Lord to help with. God will bless you for it… and because you will have the peace that comes from being a part of sending the Gospel message into all the World…Jesus in Mark 16:15 says” GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE… ” By Gods Grace that is what I have tried to do since 1975 when I began with the Cross… Let’s work together.  Be part of the team!!!



Rick and Doreen Newton in ColoradoIt is Great to be home again in Colorado. Doreen and I have seen the Glory and Majesty of God around every turn!!! It feels so good to be carrying the Cross here again. The response has been amazing, Divine appointments have abounded. At one point, two cars pulled over at the same time because they saw the Cross and it turned out that THEY were meant to meet. One was a College professor just moving here from Washington state and the home they had rented on line fell through. The second couple, ALSO from Washington State (turns out they have mutual friends), has access here to some some rental properties, coincidence?! NOT!!!
Just one of the many Miracles that’s  happened on the side of the road, at the foot of the Cross!!

Rcik carrying the cross in Colorado

I also want to invite you to pray for one of the people that stopped  yesterday as I carried the Cross. A Mom, asking for prayer for her “Prodigal daughter”. Something many of you can identify with. Though Yours may be a Prodigal husband, son, brother, sister, mom, dad, friend or relative. We love them just the same and want them to come home to Jesus! We want them to find the Peace and Joy found only through a repentant heart leaving behind the anger and rebellion we store up in stubbornness…. If that’s you, run home to the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. He purchased the forgiveness already. Accept that gift and be free inside, once again…. I invite you to lay down those fears, guilt and shame keeping you away from freedom in Him!!! He’s waiting!!! If I can help you, pray with you, write me. Tell me your story. I’m here for you.


Plymouth Rock – end of the trail!

Plymouth Rock  dated 1620 Where the Pilgrims landed in the New World….
The ending place of my Massachusetts Pilgrimage  of Prayer for Revival !!!!

Doreen and Dianne aka. ~ HiS ~  Sing at The Rally at The Rock  HISongs.com

Amazing Prayer Partner at The Rock


Prayer at Plymouth Rock

ONE PILGRIMAGE ENDS WHERE ANOTHER ONE ENDED, IN 1620′ or should I say where another one began, which led to the birth of this Christian Nation!!! As this 175 mile walk across Massachusetts came to an end, we dropped to our knees to give thanks to God for all He has done in this walk, and for another prayer meeting that happened at this very spot many years ago that shaped our nation. We prayed for a New Move of God in our day… We Prayed for REVIVAL NOW IN OUR DAY!!!


3 O’Clock Rally at the Rock – Sunday

You are invited to~

Plymouth Rock Massachusetts
Sunday June 30, 3 pm – “Rally at the Rock”

Celebrating the last day of my Revival Trail walk across Massachusetts which began on May 20th in Williamstown at the Haystack Monument praying for Massachusetts and the nation to return to our Christian roots and for an outpouring of God’s Spirit.” O Lord, Do it again in our day!!!!”

Let me share what I have found along the trail.

“Windows of heaven are open reigning the GLORY OF GOD here  – people are pulling over all over the place.”

Pray with us at that hour and you are welcome to come and join if you can. Doreen and Dianne will be singing at “Rally at the Rock”!

Also that Morning I will be Preaching at First Baptist Church of Dighton Mass. At their 10: o’clock service. All are Welcome!!


Prayer at The Boston Bombing Site

As I stopped to pray at this site you could feel the awe, Compassion and the respect that people have for those injured due to man’s inhumanity to man. I pray for healing In the bodies, and in the hearts of those involved! Also for forgiveness,  cleansing and Revival once again in our nation.


Lexington Green

This is the Lexington Green where the first blood was shed in the battle for the war of Independence. Just again a reminder that without the shedding of blood there is never freedom Jesus shed his blood to give us freedom from sin to show the greatness of his love the intensity of his desire to give us life and give it to us abundantly. He paid the debt in full so that we could be free!


Old Northbridge Concorde Massachusetts

Old Northbridge Concorde Massachusetts where, “The shot was fired that was heard around the world”. Two pastors were engaged in that battle that day ( April 19, 1775), fighting for freedom and liberty! Their love for this country and for the Lord shone through in the stand They and the others made here!  Let us not forget!. And let’s pray for revival and to hold on to the liberties those men purchased on that day in our country!


Jonathan Edwards Church

THE CROSS In Front of Jonathan Edwards Church

Friends & Supporters of the Cross at a Fellowship Night

Prayer together for Revival at David Brainard’s gravesite Northampton Mass.

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