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Doreen’s shares her Heart on Missions


Treating a Kwaio woman's foot

Treating a Kwaio woman’s foot




The mission field…
Is there ANYTHING more beautiful than seeing spiritual eyes open for the very first time?!! The scales drop away and the light of the glorious gospel enters in!!! I truly (and of course, speak for Rick as well), can’t think of anything that compares!! Yes, there are many hardships and I will admit there are times when I want to pack it in and run home to the many comforts, but then there we are, once again out on the streets sharing the only truth that really matters!! It’s actually quite easy, comparatively, here in the Solomon’s because they, like we used to be, are a Christian nation, hungering for the things of the Lord!! Oh, the stark reminder is before us daily!! They just went through a revival in the 70’s and though the memories are slowly fading, the evidence is still obvious, such as an acknowledgement, respect and a love for the Cross and what Jesus did for us!!
Like in the Hebrides, the children of the revivalists honor their parents and talk about growing up in a home where, after salvation, the JOY was never ending for years! The presence of the Lord was so palpable! They remember the singing and praising that would go on through the night and without any sleep, the people would go to work the next day with a skip in their step and a song in their hearts! Then they’d do it all over again the next day!! In the book about the revival, “fire in the islands,” they speak of cannibals who gave their hearts and lives to Jesus and lived peaceably the rest of their lives honoring and praising the Lord!! Repentance, honesty and forgiveness penetrated the hearts of the Solomon people!
Remission of sins…If one lied to another, they would quickly repent and go to that person and ask forgiveness! Oh Lord, come down once again in Holy power! At least they are not ashamed of the gospel!!! Their newspaper, “the Solomon star,” did a full page on Ricks journey up to Kwaio and also on the next page was a beautiful article about King David! They will be doing a second article on Saturday! Tell me, which is really the free country?!!!!!
The indifference in America and other countries is stark compared to a hungry people, hanging on every word taught from Gods word!!!
Life on the mission field, foreign or domestic, is filled with heartbreak and Joy, hardships and love, connectedness and separation! Heartbreak for the people who don’t know and may never taste the Love and goodness of our Lord and instead, will be separated from Him for all eternity! Joy in the unity and love that is shared (a connectedness) between brother and sisters in Christ who were just strangers 5 min before, and knowing that we may not see each other again this side of heaven but our hearts dance together knowing we WILL meet again!! Hardships yes but Gods grace is then even more apparent!! He says, “I am with you even to the end of the age!” No we aren’t facing severe persecution and those saints are truly the heroes but we all have Crosses to bear as we step out, not in our own strength but His!!

Our prayer…Father,
We humbly call on your name and seek your face! Come in manifest presence! We pray for all who do not know you yet! Open their eyes Lord that they may taste the sweetness of your love, the cleansing power of your blood, forgiveness and peace that passes all understanding and the life-giving joy that abides with you for eternity through salvation!!!

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