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May 16

Memories of Peru

 Peru 2017    Peru is Located in The northern Andes mountains of South America. It’s vast and diverse geographic makeup varies from Hot and humid in the Amazon Basin to the cold almost moon like landscape of the Lima region.  Doreen and I spent three months there in 2017 carrying the Cross. We encountered so …

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Feb 14

Peru 2017

Peru is Located in The northern Andes mountains of South America. It’s vast and diverse geographic makeup varies from the humid tropics of the Amazon River Basin to the stark, barren, almost “moon like” landscape of the Lima region with very little natural vegetation, and dense Forests in between. But the warmth and the love …

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Jan 16


Warmest greetings our dear friends, in Jesus’ wonderful name. We thank our God upon every remembrance of you and rejoice that we have been able to work together again this year for the furtherance of the Gospel. Though I have been sick for much of the year, we are still celebrating in all that the …

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Aug 31


Wow what can I say about Vanuatu? A small little group of islands in the South Pacific! The country was amazing! The reception they gave the Cross was indescribable. The timing of our arrival was impeccable. It could not have been more perfect. We flew in, not knowing at all what to expect. Nobody knew …

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May 09

The Cross Welcomed in Nanakinnimi

Click here to see video The welcome the Lord had for us as I arrived with the Cross in the village of Nanakinnimi was Amazing!!! God IS Good!! As The Gospel goes out into all the World!  

Jan 28

Doreen’s shares her Heart on Missions

    The mission field… Is there ANYTHING more beautiful than seeing spiritual eyes open for the very first time?!! The scales drop away and the light of the glorious gospel enters in!!! I truly (and of course, speak for Rick as well), can’t think of anything that compares!! Yes, there are many hardships and …

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Oct 30

Down Kwaio Mountain

The morning after the pig roast, I was up and ready to start the Long trek down the Mountain by 6:00 AM. Since so many had gathered outside my hut to say bye and ask prayer for different things, we were much later getting away. (Roberts dad was among them. See earlier post) One family …

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Oct 19


  As the darkness was gathering over Kwaio Mountain, the locals made their way from their thatched roof huts for the Pig Roast and the nights ceremonies. From the door of my hut I watched in stunned silence as a whole village came out to honor the Cross and the white man that had made …

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Oct 18

Kwaio village Pig Roast

  Later, the same day that I spoke in the school and doctored the dear ladies foot from the pagan village, I saw one of the villagers carrying a big pig over his shoulder. I found out then that it was for the pig roast they were going to have in honor of the Cross …

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Oct 06

Later in the Day

In the afternoon of the same day I spoke in the school (in my last write up), this dear lady came over from the “pagan” village, (about a 45 minute hike over the next ridge), to meet the white man that had come up the mountain with a huge cross. Since they still run naked …

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