Oct 06

Later in the Day

IMG_1933 In the afternoon of the same day I spoke in the school (in my last write up), this dear lady came over from the “pagan” village, (about a 45 minute hike over the next ridge), to meet the white man that had come up the mountain with a huge cross. IMG_1935Since they still run naked in their village she grabbed some clothes, got dressed and came to Nanakennimai village where I was. Through my interpreter we visited. I shared with her of Jesus’ love and meaning of the cross. She listened and seemed to take it in. Then I noticed her limping. She told me she had a bad cut on top of one of her toes. I checked and sure enough it was infected and hurt her terribly. Of course the village had no clinic or medical supplies so I had her sit down and I grabbed my bottle of drinking water and washed her foot. Doreen had sent me out with a little bottle of hand sanitizer so I cleaned the cut with it using my clean paper towels.  I had a little tube of antibiotic cream that I keep in my cross bag so I put that on it and since there was no gauze or band aids, I wrapped the toe in Paper towel strips and used my Jesus stickers to hold it on with. That’s the best I could do!! Then I prayed for her foot, asking The Father to heal her in Jesus name. I hugged her, told her to keep it clean and then she was off. I prayed for her several times as I thought of her but that was it. Now jumping ahead a little out of sequence…Saturday a week ago, our last day in the Solomon’s, Robert shows up for what became a big exchange ceremony with a Chief from the pagan village who had come down the mountain naked as a jay bird to meet the white man that washed and treated his grandmothers foot. Robert had to give him a lava lava to wrap around him, as you see in the picture below. What’s amazing is, that he made that 12 hour trek down to Honiara and came and presented to me his War club. (You can see me holding it in the picture… I will also post a couple other pics of this event). He also presented to Doreen, a hand woven basket. (he has around his neck in the pic).
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At that same ceremony, I presented a case of medical supplies, a big case of school supplies and ten more picture Bibles. I told them by faith, that I know the Christians that follow the Cross would have me do that and that they would help!  I went ahead and bought the supplies to give then rather than try to ship them back later. Because they need it NOW!!   Thank you so much to all of you who have been holding The Rope for Doreen and I. All of us working together, are,  making a difference in lives around this world!!!!



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