Oct 05


Rick and Doreen Newton in ColoradoIt is Great to be home again in Colorado. Doreen and I have seen the Glory and Majesty of God around every turn!!! It feels so good to be carrying the Cross here again. The response has been amazing, Divine appointments have abounded. At one point, two cars pulled over at the same time because they saw the Cross and it turned out that THEY were meant to meet. One was a College professor just moving here from Washington state and the home they had rented on line fell through. The second couple, ALSO from Washington State (turns out they have mutual friends), has access here to some some rental properties, coincidence?! NOT!!!
Just one of the many Miracles that’s ¬†happened on the side of the road, at the foot of the Cross!!

Rcik carrying the cross in Colorado

I also want to invite you to pray for one of the people that stopped ¬†yesterday as I carried the Cross. A Mom, asking for prayer for her “Prodigal daughter”. Something many of you can identify with. Though Yours may be a Prodigal husband, son, brother, sister, mom, dad, friend or relative. We love them just the same and want them to come home to Jesus! We want them to find the Peace and Joy found only through a repentant heart leaving behind the anger and rebellion we store up in stubbornness…. If that’s you, run home to the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. He purchased the forgiveness already. Accept that gift and be free inside, once again…. I invite you to lay down those fears, guilt and shame keeping you away from freedom in Him!!! He’s waiting!!! If I can help you, pray with you, write me. Tell me your story. I’m here for you.

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