Jun 19

When God Winks !!

Winks continued…

After the borrowed taxi driver dropped us off, remember we were needing refreshment from a very arduous 2 weeks which actually felt like 2 months, we started up the Main Street in chippenham, briefly ducked in a charity shop and on our way back out we heard preaching! We noticed this beautiful black brother preaching in the street. We stood quietly listening for a little bit and then went up to shake his hand and thank him for his obvious love for The Lord and the sharing of his gift!


He started to cry and shook our hands and thanked us so much for the support and encouragement! (What a tender heart!) We went on our way and told him that we would be back by after we ran a few errands and if he was still there, we could fellowship more! Joseph was still there about a half hour later and so then he asked if he could take us for a cup of tea or coffee. After 2 hours of joyous fellowship and some wonderful coffee, we did not want to part ways so he asked if he could give us a ride back to our van to see if it was finished. Though the rain continued and the van still was not ready, our hearts were celebrating the warmth of new friendship and joy of sharing our love for our amazing, loving papa!! Joseph suggested we go to dinner to continue this fellowship! He blessed us with the dinner and then took us to pick up the van which was almost finished but one of the parts was the wrong part so we had to wait yet another day. The next morning, the part had arrived early and they put it in and sent us on our way. We called Joseph to see if he wanted to meet us for a farewell coffee. Though he faithfully preaches in a variety of different villages weekly, he said that he wanted to take the day off to spend with us! Again, what a day we had!! He showed us around the village of Trowbridge and we all just thoroughly enjoyed each other’s fellowship! After we blessed him with lunch, I asked if he felt led to preach at all this day?! He chuckled and said that he was just wanting to enjoy our fellowship but as we approached the spot where he stands to preach, we all sensed the spirit nudging and he began to preach! I stayed off to the side and sang softly and prayed while Rick stood closer to Joseph and prayed and made himself available to The Lord! Soon, two men approached and were so very excited as they had sensed The Lord was doing something! The younger man started to talk with Rick as Joseph continued to preach. Rick ministered to him for almost an hour and after they prayed together, I heard him say that he was so overjoyed, as he has been longing for guidance and a mentor to help with some of his questions! That one hour, as we all shared the love of Jesus on that street corner, the sprint descended and we knew God had winked!!

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  1. Cliff

    When God Winks is such a fitting title I think. What a beautiful story about God working when a person may think there’s not much going on. HE will always put someone in our path. Bless you both.

  2. Paul Matlock

    Hi Rick and Doreen: What a great story and time you had with Joseph. Maybe you needed a break to just relax and fellowship with a believer. God bless!

  3. Sharon Dyer

    It is so exciting to read of God’s blessings on your mission. You and Rick are such a blessing to so many, Charlie & I as we’ll. We will continue to support you in every way possible. Stay strong in The Lord. For every soul saved, the Angels rejoice and one more soul saved from an eternity in hell. Keeping the faith. Love in Christ, Sharon & Charlie Dyer

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