Feb 29

Transportation in Manila?

The three wheeled motorcycle, is a common means of getting around. It is an adventure though. You sit scrunched down in this little sidecar built for thee Filipino and hang on as your driver zips in and out of this vast sea of traffic. If you can picture New York City meets Mexico with a little of Rome thrown in you get the picture. But that’s the way many make their living. Well I want to tell you of just one of these drivers I met one day while caring the cross. I tell you, I loved this guy right from the start. He is about 30 years old, a little of what we might call simple or slow. He had this old beat up tryc. When he saw the Cross, he pulled right over to talk. In his beautiful way he told me how he loved Jesus. I’m telling you it brought tears to my eyes as he talked. He knew he was slow, but with such joy he told me what Jesus meant to him. How he knew the Lord had forgiven him. He also told me how people picked on him because of his faith and even the scars he has on his back from a beating he received in Mindanao. We shared together for quite a while, then had prayer. i prayed God would bless his little business and keep his bike running. I asked the Lord to prosper him and watch over him. Then I gave him a bunch of Jesus stickers which he put in the little cab of the sidecar, so his fares could see them. He was dirty, but I hugged him anyway, then shouldered the Cross and headed on knowing I won’t see him again till Heaven. Please pray for Jimmy! He is a dear brother and one of Gods special soldiers.

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